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A New Level Of Prestige For Your Home Flooring Needs

If you are considering replacing the floors in your home, timber, wooden, or cork flooring is a wonderful option. Our team at Harris Timber, has made the effort to establish a sophisticated network with the world’s most illustrious wooden flooring distributors and suppliers, so that we can offer you plenty of choice, especially when it comes to your budget. If you would like advice on wooden flooring for your Gold Coast property, then call and speak to one of our flooring specialists today on 0478 748 558.

What Can Timber Flooring Do For Your Home

When deciding on flooring for your home or business, timber is always a great option. Timber is natural, eco-friendly, and offers a range of benefits including improved indoor air quality, noise reduction, and low maintenance and durability. And we can’t forget about the look, which is why Harris Timber offers a wide range of timbers. From light coloured timber to dark mahogany timber, at different sizes in length and thickness, you are sure to find the perfect style to suit the style of your home, or the vision you have for your home’s interiors. The quality of our wood also ensures durability, longevity, and charm. What we have to offer timber flooring for Gold Coast property owners is unparalleled, simply take a look at our range and we know you won’t be disappointed.

Harris Timber Flooring Specialists
Harris Timber Flooring Specialists

Looking For Something Unique?

Why not consider cork flooring for your Gold Coast home or business. You may not have considered cork floor before, but cork offers plenty of wonderful benefits:

  • Cork is soft underfoot and a natural thermal and acoustic insulator, which means rooms with cork flooring are naturally warm and quiet (a fantastic option to consider for flooring in children’s bedrooms or play areas)
  • Cork can be installed on top of existing flooring materials
  • Cork is also a great underlay (wood, stone, or ceramic tiles can be laid on top)
  • Cork has a natural mould/mildew inhibitor, is resistant to termites, and also has fire resistant properties
  • Cork is durable (resists cracking and abrasions) and will hold up well under your heavy furniture
  • Cork is antimicrobial, eco-friendly, and cost-effective

Wooden Flooring Gold Coast - Timeless And Elegant

For families wanting to add wooden flooring to their Gold Coast residence, wooden flooring is versatile in design and really does suit any style of home. With a wide variety of wood species, the right type or the particular characteristics of the wood you choose can provide you with an added design element. If you have a coastal-style home you might want to go for a light-coloured wood floor such as Blackbutt, Messmate, or New England Oak. Perhaps you have a contemporary style of home, then a Tallowwood, Spotted Gum, or Bamboo will complement your black, white, or neutral colour palette and the smooth or geometric shapes of your appliances and furniture. And if you want a rich and palatial feel, the deep reds of Rose Gum, Ironbark, or Jarrah will leave you in awe. Wooden flooring is timeless, so it doesn’t matter whether you have an older style home, or you have a new home, wooden flooring will always look glorious.

Harris Timber Flooring Specialists

There Is Nothing Better Than Timber Flooring For Gold Coast Properties

Wood may not be as plush and soundless as carpet, however, wooden and cork flooring offers a natural design element with unique characteristics such as colouring, grading, and grain. These offer so much more aesthetic value than other types of flooring. From the one-of-a-kind grain patterns (the way the wood is cut), to the variations of colour, natural variations in the wood which adds to the character, or the way that you finish the wood (you have options to choose from – you can distress it, stain it, or polish it). Wooden flooring is a functional flooring option for any space in your home, and many homeowners are choosing wooden flooring for their living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, and even kitchens. Wood flooring is not just for homes, many businesses are choosing wooden and even cork flooring for their Gold Coast offices, retail stores, salons, and fitness studios as well.

Wood Flooring Allows For Added Comfort And Convenience

Our Harris Timber team of professionals are highly proficient, with expertise in all areas of timber flooring for your home or business.
Harris Timber Flooring Specialists

Our range of wooden flooring for Gold Coast properties will provide you with all the beauty and function that you desire, so take a look today and get in touch to schedule a consultation.