Specialising In Timber Floor Restoration Brisbane Wide

Before you stress about having to completely start again with your flooring, make sure you talk to us about how we can help with timber floor repairs in Brisbane.

Why It Is So Important To Maintain Your Timber Floors

Have you noticed any cracks, defects or anomalies in your timber floor? This is a strong indication that your floor will require maintenance in order to prevent further damages from occurring, or to mitigate potential safety hazards which may bring unwanted problems and costs that you don’t need. There are many benefits to investing into the restoration of your timber and hardwood floors, such as improving the overall aesthetic of your home or business, improving the safety quality in your home allowing you to walk freely without any worry, as well as increasing the value of your residential or commercial property if you intend to sell or rent out. See how easy it is to give your floors a new lease on life. Call our friendly team at Harris Timber today on 0478 748 558 and schedule a comprehensive consultation regarding our restoration and timber floor repairs in Brisbane.

The Premium Quality Of Our Repairs And Restorations

If you take pride in your home or business, then you can imagine the euphoric feeling of seeing the faces of your guests or customers, when they observe the state of your restored floors. At Harris Timber, we have developed an enviable reputation for being the best in the industry when it comes to our ability to restore even the most dilapidated floors with our expert timber floor repairs in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. Floors are everything we do, and because that is all we do, we are extremely good at it. Just take a look at our many positive reviews.

What Makes Our Services Unique?

Our methodology to how we approach each individual problem is simple, yet efficient. From the moment you contact us with your enquiry, we will walk you through the steps and procedures, listening to your concerns and providing expert assistance with finding the best tailored solution to repairing your timber flooring. We will send one of our elite specialists to your property, to conduct a thorough examination of your timber floor problems, and with a strong attention to detail, we will make sure that there is no defect that may have been missed. Once we have determined the scale of repairs or restoration needed, our specialist will then begin work on your timber floor. Our floor technicians have mastered the art of repairs and timber floor restoration for Brisbane homeowners over many years, so they will be able to redo your flooring to a beautiful, high quality standard.

We Set The Bar For Timber Flooring Restoration In Brisbane

Here at Harris Timber, it is our mission to exceed your expectations. Not only do we set a world-class standard for how we engage our services and maintain absolute adherence to that standard, but we also aim to ascend that standard higher. Why is this? Because we believe that limits can be surpassed, time and time again. It is because of this philosophy and work ethic that have been deeply incorporated into our services, that have served as a driving force in keeping our team of specialists in a perpetual state of growth and advancement. It is also this collective mindset that we share which inspires and motivates us to continuously deliver the best results for our clients.

Our Elite Quality Of Service Is Always Guaranteed

Even if you have a strict budget, you will still receive the same premium level of service and expertise when it comes to your timber floor restoration in Brisbane. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients for the long-term. Unlike many other flooring and timber service providers, we are not in here for the short-term nor are we here for an easy dollar. We believe in the virtues of hard work, determination, ethical practice, community, perseverance, loyalty and commitment in order to ensure that your satisfaction with our services continues our working relationship with you for many more years to come.

Complete Satisfaction With Our Professionalism

It is the pride that we take in our clients’ satisfaction which fuels our passion further to ensure that our next client is even more satisfied than the last.
Harris Timber Flooring Specialists

No matter the age of the timber, or the full extent of the damage, the great news is that most of these problems can be repaired or restored, so you and your family will be safe, and you can enjoy stunning floors once again.

For a quote on our floor restoration and timber floor repairs in Brisbane, don’t hesitate to give our Harris Timber team a call today.